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Adam Strachman's knowledge of diet and nutrition speaks for itself. He maintains an impressive physique because of his knowledge base and health philosophy as well as his work ethic. I strongly recommend Adam for anyone looking to get ripped or to improve their health through proper diet.  
- Dr. Carmine Gangemi, DC, CSCS 

Training to get on stage as a figure competitor is no easy task. All the hours in the gym will not pay off if your nutrition is left to chance.  The type of food, the amount and the time you eat it can make or break your physique. With the demands of working, training and taking care of two small children who has time to figure it all out? That's where Adam has helped me tremendously. His knowledge and willingness to ensure I am getting exactly what my body needs goes far beyond what I have seen in the fitness industry. His individual approach to finding the right combination of foods and supplements to meet your body's needs and demands sets him apart from the rest.  Whether you are a competitor or just looking to improve how you look and feel, I highly recommend letting Adam contour your nutrition to meet your specific needs.
-Teresa Davis
Age 35
Midlothian, VA
Figure Competitor and mother of 2

I am 60 years old.  For the past few years Adam has tailored his nutritional expertise to my personal body needs.  He has recommended the proper diet and supplements to benefit me both physically and mentally.  I consider Adam a giant in the field of nutrition. 

-Second grade teacher

Thanks for all of the great support that you provided me! You are so passionate about what you do and I appreciate your desire to help me achieve my goals!!! 
-Monica NPC Figure competitor 

Adam has been such a great help in the progress with my personal and nutritional training goals. With his one on one experience with you, he takes the time to listen to each individual’s needs and is very informational. My training and nutritional methods have improved in such a short period of time since working with Adam and I'm grateful to have met him and be a friend of his.
-Dominic Cerino IV 

I am a fighter out of Arizona. Throughout 2009 I set myself out on a path to dominate the amateur division of Arizona to receive my pro-card to fight and I did so by having seven fights within the year with a record of 5-1-1. After this I received the call to have a pro fight debut at 155lbs, for a fight in December and it was October when I received this challenge, being use to fighting at 170-180lbs I knew I needed additional help. I had met Adam Strachman at the UFC Expo, which I kept in touch with him for my nutritional and supplemental needs for prior fights, and when this challenge came up to me to lose 25-30lbs in two and a half months I immediately went to Adam for nutritional and exercise advice. He advised me and what I need to eat and introduced me to his custom pre-workout/fat burner powder mix to help me lose weight. Starting his workout and nutritional regiment along with his powder I soon hit the low 160s by December and felt just as strong and as quicker than I did at 180lbs. I will be sticking with Adam for my nutritional and workout needs for my future fights.
- Michael A. Bailey

Adam is one of the most goodhearted persons I ever met. He ALWAYS strives to help others, and I admire him for this quality. He really knows what he is doing, and I know he always does everything in his power to get the BEST out of YOU. 
Adam helped - and still helps me a lot to get things "rollin" with my main goals in life. The fitness industry is big, and Adam is a part of it. Talk to him, and get even closer to all of your fitness goals.

-Heidi Vonka Koi – National level Figure athlete, personal trainer, Published Fitness Magazine Model 

Adam was very motivational in my prep for my first show. He helped me press on during the hardest moments and stuck by my side the entire way. He even helped teach me cooking and food preparation tips based on my specific diet and work schedule. I could not have done it without him and because of him; I know I can do many more competitions if I want. I was amazed at how I managed to put on lean muscle as a masters competitor while getting my body fat to a tested 2.6%! 
-Frank Galasso Celebrity hairstylist & Frank Studios owner
* Overall masters 2009 Excalibur NPC show

Adam has been a nutritional advisor to me for over a year and I can safely say the results have been nothing short of amazing!  While I have always worked hard to keep fit and felt like I was eating and supplementing properly, Adam has shown me how to take that to a whole new level.  With his care and concern in learning about my lifestyle, eating habits, goals, medical history, and a ton of other relevant information, Adam was able to put together for me an eating and supplement plan that really works.  Just as importantly, he didn't make it hard.  A lot of advisors suggest unrealistic eating plans for people with lives as busy as mine.  Adam helped me shape how I ate around how I lived and traveled.  I feel great and am stronger than I've ever been.  His knowledge extends beyond the "usual suspect" of supplements.  He has also formulated for me some custom supplement blends that are tailored to a specific goal.  And each of the blends he created really work.  My wife notices the difference and so do I -- and I'm my own harshest critic.  I'd recommend Adam (and have)to anyone who wants to take their fitness to a whole new level.  Even if you consider yourself knowledgeable about nutrition, Adam will teach you something new and useful."
-Jody Sherman

I have known Adam since we used to lifeguard in CT back in the day, when he first stated lifting. I served two tours in Iraq with the Marines in 2003 and 2005. I have had my share of fat loss products over the years. I hit a wall and decided to call Adam. He was very excited and knowledgeable in this area, and told me about Pit-bull wild, CCB and CLA. I was like ok, ship it to me. The very first day on it was crazy, I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do with. The first week I dropped 5 pounds and ended up losing 13 in a month. I recommend this hands down over any product, if you want serious results.
- Alex Horelick AKA BIGH 2-time combat vet USMC


In September 2011  I was involved in a nasty motorcycle accident. On the operating table  doctors debated whether  to amputate my left foot.   I had a titanium rod and 3 screws holding the lower half of my left leg together. I was told I’d be with a cane for 3 months and in rehab for 6. I wore an air brace for a mere 2 weeks before taking my first steps. During my first deployment to Afghanistan, I was finally afforded the time to train.  I was put in touch with Adam Strachman for training/diet coaching. I went from the guy who was always asking other people for insight and advice  to becoming the guy  being asked. With Adam’s coaching and evolving training plans, you will see the results you want.  I am excited at how far I’ve come in so short a time and look forward to what the future holds. - Mark Smith  Captain in the USAF

 - Mark Smith  Captain in the USAF

Adam has been nothing short of an exceptional adviser during my first season of competing.  His methodology for getting me dialed in for my shows was nothing short of the best.  In a weeks’ time I won my pro card in two organizations toping large fields of competitors in both.  What I liked best about Adam was that he did things the right way never cutting any corners.  If you are serious about competing I highly recommend Contoured Nutrition and Adam Strachman!!

 -David Capizzi : PNBA Pro & IFPA Pro