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Adam Strachman I B.S in Dietetics/Nutrition




Adam Strachman:

I uncovered my passions for health and fitness while training for my first of many bodybuilding shows at the age of 16. After competing for eleven plus years I am still gaining knowledge towards improving my life and those around me. Bodybuilding has taught me discipline, dedication and the great importance food plays on performance; on both the mind and body. I have the experience for specifying meal plans towards any individual’s goals and lifestyle.
While living in Connecticut I volunteered at my local Hospital’s Nutrition center. This increased my awareness and knowledge for accommodating a wide variety of diets. I attended The University of Rhode Island’s Dietetic program where I completed their four year program with honors and a Bachelors in Science. Some of my classes included: Food Science, Food Management, Nutrition applied to infants, children, adults and older adults. I took classes specified in accommodating nutrition applied to sports, during pregnancy, and nutrition while dealing with disease. 
I moved from Connecticut to California to make a difference in the way others view health. It is never too late to make a change. I am devoted to assisting you reach your greatest potential through my attention to detail and comprehending your individual needs. I believe people require a specified plan because of individual goals and lifestyles. I have had many clients ranging from young adults looking to gain or lose eight; to older adults looking to simply enhance their quality of life. 
My lifestyle is practicing what I preach. I exercise and eat my prepared meals for the day. I view my health as a way to control not only how I feel that day, but the next day and year. I look forward to helping to educate you too on how the right foods and specified planning can change your life. 
When I moved back to the east coast from California, I continued to work with clients as I remained passionate in competitive bodybuilding. I began to focus on an additional career in Law Enforcement which called for many physical and mental tests of strength. After four years of determination I was accepted and graduated from the police academy. After almost four years of working patrol in an active high crime area town I found myself drawn back to the fitness and health industry. In that time I learned a great deal as I was tested on many levels and worked very hard to be respected and do the best I could under many circumstances. In that time I wrote a book called "Nutrition On the Job" which was aimed towards helping first responders take control of their health and fitness as well as information on how to make decisions for their own needs when it comes to food and supplementation. 

Mission statement: 

Helping people of all ages achieve a healthy lifestyle and reach their greatest potentials through providing my “Contoured/individualized” health and fitness services, fitness tools and life experiences. 


4 year degree (B.S) Dietetics/Nutrition University of Rhode Island 

Norwalk Hospitals Nutrition Department (Norwalk, CT) 
Worked with Dietitians answering patient phone calls, put diet orders into computers, reviewed diet orders for patient’s specific needs, reviewed doctors analysis on patients, and assist in patient tray line. 


Fitness modeling since age 18: 
Competitive Bodybuilding since age 16: 
Bodybuilding organizations competed in: Muscle Mania, NABF, USBF, INBF, and NPC
Appearances in:
Ironman magazine : October 2010: P.210: "Rising Star"
Exercise for Men only magazine =4 page abs spread and full page shot (jan.2008)
Photo shoots with: 
Fitness print photographer Alex Ardenti,
Men’s exercise photographer Andre Deloach (Use in web site promotions@  HYPERLINK "http://www.headshotsformen.com" www.headshotsformen.com
Sterling Fallen photography
Ironman magazine. Jerry Fredrick 
BB.pics John Mitchell.
Ralph Dehaan photography

On Camera:

NBC show “LIFE”: fitness model in gym scenes “Everything all the time”
Movie “FAME” 2010, Background work in bar scenes. (feb.9.09+feb.10.09)
Live Airtime for “BODY TIME TV” Ab videos for Dubai and Saudi Arabia broadcasted from LA, CA studio. (Ben Samimi=owner of studio) 



Spokesperson work experience: 

www.Pineapple.LA , vibration workouts & yoga studios. Brentwood, CA
Model for DINAIR professional airbrush artist (www.airbrushmakeup.com) *Tanning
Instructionalfitness.com (Trainer and nutritionist)  
Maximum human performance sport supplements company Promotional print and demo work.
Pro-fight Sports Representative/Model/Spokesperson/ Nutritionist & Athlete

        Rehab and performance training 

        "No muscle fiber left behind"TM