So I was not quick to put up a post regarding the show I had competed in due to so many items that showed themselves. I needed time to reflect on things after I had settled back home and reassessed life in the now. 

     The leading up to the show was an incredible time of persistence on many levels. Diet, cardio, work, training, my animals(Shepherd & husky), house items,business building and my relationship.  With events being canceled all over the US it was challenging too keep that blinders on mentality to suffer physically and isolate myself from people and places. 

  During one of the most challenging times I chose to change my main career path and invest in myself. Few weeks out from the event that had been moved locations and how it would be run I was able to focus on doing whatever it took to finish this journey and ride out the uncertainty that everyone was in the same boat about. Much of the support came from my coach Neil Hill who I had been working with over half the year already. I am a mentor and coach myself, however there is a need to trust in someone else that you know has your best intentions in mind and can tell you honest feedback. Knowledge is part of the puzzle, being able to apply the pressure and remove it when needed is the hard part. Neil was able to be a friend and coach. I respect him and kept an open mind. 

     Show week arrived and I mapped out what it would take to drive myself to the hotel and get any tanning an food amounts made. I am a big fan or prepping everything for my food needs ahead and do not like to leave anything for question on food. I know what I cook and how it was prepared. I made all the food I would need and more. I cooled it properly and vacuum sealed it all in portions. I labeled everything. I set aside the vitamins I would need daily and the greens routine for morning as I had been accustomed too with much digestive improvements. As any adjustments were made the days leading up I would be prepared. 

     I had done 30min of cardio for months straight, choosing to not take one day off in order to keep the consistency and teach myself that I can expect it daily without hesitation. It was shocking to finally stop cardio and training. I was grateful for the rest, even though I used that energy I had towards posing practice a few times a day. 

     After a solo 8.5hr drive I arrived at the hotel I chose to be close to everything I needed to be for the show. I staid in close phone and video chat contact with Neil as he was always there for. His 5 hours time ahead of me made it normal for me to call him at even 5am in the morning or text him. We planned out the days each morning methodically to bring the best of condition and fullness without sacrificing my 3% body-fat look.

     I weighed in for the show 209lbs. I had already spoke with Neil about a weight class and we agreed that the best look without sacrificing muscle would be the goal. I was not going to remove the muscle I earned over the year for a 198lb weight cut off and found myself in the Heavyweight class for the first time ever in over twenty years of competition. I was more than ok with that. "12lbs" of muscle added in one year under all the circumstances faced training at home and wondering if anyone would leave rice left to make at the grocery stores! Crazy times call for more appreciation in the journey. 

    The days next served as time to decompress, fill in friends and fans about how I am doing, and keep consistent with daily improvements with Neil keeping me on track. Eating 6-8 meals a day and not changing any sodium was key. I began to transform into the bodybuilder I was pleased to represent come show day. 

     I walked anywhere I needed to be leading to the show for tan and competition. The time came to get the journey some closure. Woke up at my best I felt. Walked over to the hotel at 9am to begin the waiting process. packed with food for the day and water. The wait became very long and uncertain of the day ahead. After being shuttled to the event location a few blocks away the event became to get more real in finally competing. The venue tent was new to me but so was it for most there. When the time came to get ready for stage (Class 35+ Heavy weight) I was put with a mix of competitors and then shuffled around many times in a few groups. Sometimes you can tell very well where you would place,but today I was not sure really what happened at that moment. I was just putting my work and positive vibes on stage where it would land me cause no use stressing what is not in your control.

       Next up about 40min later I was in the open heavyweight comparisons. That was another comparison round and then very clear I was not in the top four. I remained flexed on the side out of respect for the journey and maintain my composure as I always aim to do. Represent my physique the best I could even from the side lines for people watching/judges.  There were no spectators allowed or coaches so the audience was mainly judging you and pictures taken that would be shared on

      Well, the word came and I had not made the top five in either class. Yes I was extremely upset, but did not show it. I was content with everything I did and brought. I accomplished an incredible amount that I did not want to take away from myself because no pro card was awarded to me that day. I could not loose sight of family,friends,life in general over one decision. It can make or break you, and I chose for it to make me! I sent a few pictures and contacted Neil who I was actually more sad for him than myself. When you want to prove to someone that you worked very hard and how much respect and gratefulness you have there would be no better way I felt than sharing a victory pro card. The amount of time he took as well for me I wanted to share more than a 7th and 11th finish. I know people who went to the contest came to bring the best and were many people like me who did not let a pandemic stop them at making dreams happen. It was great to hear the person you impacted your year so much tell you that you should be proud and that it was ok. The quality of change I brought was enough to not question the journey.

       I still accept the choices I made and sacrifices I made daily in order to get me where I am today. I look forward to working towards new goals,business adventures and maintaining the person I am to help others bring light on health and fitness.

  PART 2 will continue soon!! = "AFTER THE SHOW FOOD AND MINDSET"