Often times even I find myself questioning the path I am on. Wondering if I am being truthful to myself in matching energy and purpose. Over the years I have realized through friends,clients and loved ones that we are not in control of how or when we are viewed as a role model or as an example. If you're going to do something without purpose it will often equate to minimal results. When we find reasons,motivations and or a short term/long term purpose; it unlocks the ability to achieve so much more and at a faster rate. I have come to also realize that its not as important as to what the purpose is or motivation as long as it enables you to focus and work hard. No need to share it or post it even as long as you know yourself what you visualize and use for that motivation! Discouragement is only a word that questions your desire! I can admit the things I have created working hard for and struggling for have been more rewarding and memorable. This being said..."life happens" This is a greater good that will happen when we know the big picture and work to chip away at each goal. Think about what will help your goals and what you may need to sacrifice. From personal experience....new doors will open and things get a lot easier mentally once you can commit 100% to yourself with a purpose. 

pic from www.transformleaders.tv