Thank you for checking in with me. I have been MIA I know and am not proud of that. However, I have been in transition with life.
I stay true to my east coast roots while never forgetting what I learn out west. The people I interact with on a daily basis influence my passions and dedication to be the best me possible. The group I have chosen to rely on have proven to me that whether you are an army of two or ten, the only satisfaction we have in success lies within the ability for the team to have trust,faith and motivation from one another.I used to question my focus and path until I was reminded that the learning process is never ending and the lessons that make you stronger and more aware,  keep you in the forward direction. Although we often feel we are going back or in a stand still at is what reminds us later that it was all for the right reasons. Today I see what I am capable of and what I focus on I can achieve. It is not a bad thing to lean on another's support,unless they are not out for your best interest. It is one thing to have something in front of you,it is another to commit and know what is right. sacrifices are called that as we take a risk. No risk can mean no success.

 Use your passions and strong points to motivate you. 

Here is a little update on myself as I look forward in my east coast roots

Thank you,