Over the past few months I have been pushing hard to break the 216lb mark. In the process I have learned a lot about myself and the journey it takes physically and mentally. I believe in focusing more on what you want then on what you do not want. Here is a perfect example with muscle attracting muscle and fat attracts more fat! Muscle burns 50calories per pound about than fat. So can we say it is possible to burn fat at a higher rate as we build muscle? 

I think it is very possible. If we go through our workouts and day thinking about what we intend to create it is like looking in the mirror and only seeing what we intend to create. The more you look into that mirror the more your mind per-sieves and can achieve! Like cutting pics out of our ideal bodies in magazines and people we look up too. Motivation comes in many forms. Although not overnight,but after months of visualizing and believing in yourself....

we look at ourselves and say.." well damn!! I always focused on this and now it is here!." 

So now we get the body we want and either want more...which is understandable since we always want better and better...or we now have to learn to keep what we have which can be harder than the achievement. 

It takes a team to reach and maintain. Most important part is you! You have to believe it can be done and never allow others to influence your goals unless they are on your team. Keeping an open mind is key in addition to learning from experience. Over the next few months I will continue to uncover my potential and push the limit with my team!

I always intend to reach many people with my practice/craft. I like to lead by example and come across as approachable.

Here is an update into my world as a competitor,mentor and coach.


Thank you!