For the entire year in CA 2012 I was focused on doing 2-3 shows max. The Plan had been to reach light-heavy status and hold it which I did. Then the new spin on things brought me into the cut of 176.25lbs. 

The first week I actually started gaining more weight! It was almost like my mind was not fully committed to my new task and instead fixated on the year I had programed in my head of light-heavyweight!So...I called upon good ol...visualization and envisioned 176! Put up banners in my room to do with middleweight class.

I Still entered all of the shows I had planned too in the east coast despite the storms and power outages which were only isolated around the events. Just goes to show you that you mind has to be as powerful and more often times than your body! Not to get psyched out or deterred from the primary goal.

Here are some of the shots from respectful RxMuscle and MD that were captured at the shows.


                                                                                                           2nd place NPC EAST COAST


     Nationals 2012 ATL (RESULTS: Did not place in top 5.)


Came home from this show with a 3rd place finish and a new fuel for my visions of taking care of business in 2013!

Much thanks to my sponsors,fans,friends,loved ones and the great support and balance I was provided by a one and only prep Coach Fakhri Mubarak!