Preparation is very mental. I was blessed to have a great base support team of Fakhri, my gf, and close friends checking in on me.

 Honestly, it was the best prep in my entire life! Was the easiest to follow, enjoyable with the meal combination and way I prepared the food(cook), Most conditioned I have been too! Never felt a day where I did not accept and enjoy the journey. My mind was committed to what was needed to be done to lock down my goals. When others put their support in me and give their time, experiences and passions into my competing..Your damn skippy!! I will respect that 110% and listen to make sure every day counts.All the way to the day of the show was coasting!

At 9 weeks out I felt a switch turn on and my intuitions telling me..." this is it! The entire year of dedication and sacrifice  needs to be channeled into the now!" Coming from light heavy into middle was a decision I never regret and helped me see my true potentials. Once decided it was GAME ON! I posted visuals of what I wanted to achieve and phrases like " MIDDLEWEIGHT PRO JOURNEY" "and the number "176" for my eyes to fixate on and keep in my subconscious mind.

 Here is about few days prior to weigh-ins for nationals 2012