Many times while preparing for an event we become so fixated on our goals that we forget that the journey to our goals importance.

When I prepare for a contest I not only visualize the end result. I put a plan together for the actions needed to take place on a regular basis to make it happen. 

Sometime we draw so much focus on having to meet a goal or  meet a deadline for what we are trying to achieve, that we often: 

  • overlook the details needed to execute our goals

  • Psych ourselves out

  • over think what is right in front of us as an answer to our best results in and out of the gym

  • Forget the consistency of routine can be var greater then all out for a day or two or trying to overcompensate once and a while to make up for time.

  • Make changes in diet and training too fast

  • Make too many changes at once

  • Second guess ourselves due to a time restraint/pressure

  • Become lost in the "focus Cloud" and miss out on all the average or basics that have already been tried and succeeded.

It i great to have lazor vision and focus on a task to execute it! YET.....Try to step back and approach the goals from an outide point of view and pay more attention to the journey it will take to carry out the goal. Create a routine for action and do not fear change or movement in the plans. Welcome the path and pay attention to details.



Here are my progress pics during prep where I chose to follow a more "instinctive training (40min workouts max in gym) and basic diet practices"(if it ain't broke don't fix it or think too much about what is normally or supposed to be done at this point in preparation!)