Preparation for a contest is much more involved than most comprehend. Depending on the athlete however; it can relate to the differences among one another's routines based on diet,cardio, training and allowed outside forces/social life or lack there of ;)

In my journey "I" chose to accept what was needed to be done in order to complete my goals.I did not see everything as a big responsibility, but yet each task was seen, committed too, and executed out on the daily! I was not overwhelmed or unmotivated when I was true to my motto of not thinking so much as a whole or entire fortress of "stuff" needed to be done to reach my goals. Instead I chose again to focus on every item in itelf as a routine. By the end of each day I had competed :hours of cardio, cooking,shopping,preparation of meal for 2-3 days,training, responding to client needed of mine,diet write ups,and any addition life events filled in my day. I never focused on each item like this until I write it down today. At this point in prep at 9wks to show time I am on autopilot cruise control go mode! I see the changes to diet,cardio and food preparations via email or phone and done! I get up from around 3am-4:30am at latest to start round 1 cardio for however many min i called for to get the job done and BAM! that what I set the step mill too and GO! I am supposed to eat 1/2 cup rice meal 4 or 2 cups in order to reach my goals and BAM! that's what gets done. You get the point I hope :0)

So here is progress at the focused point and crucial stay on the schedule for show time success.


Pics take about 4.5wks out nationals.