I have been able to try a few KT (kinesiology) Tapes on the market for sport performance. I have had great feed back from a few,but never like Rock tape has reacted. No workout,cardio or sore post workout day has been the same since i started using Rock tape.

Not only does it come in many colors and widths in addition to waterproof versions; but it can be cut any length from the roll and be jut as affective no matter the amount used for that area. It is a personal preference regarding where you would like to use it. I like to make hapes and cut the tape to be used where I normally feel tension,ach, pain, or place needing more attention to keeping warm during training and nutrients flow to the area. Sometimes I tick the tape taught/tight and other times jut to cover the area. 

Here are a few versions I am drawn more too....

Here are a few place I use rocktape on a regular basis:


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