I approached the year 2012 as a chance to grow into a new class of light heavy-weights. 

I was very focused as one should be in order to isolate the want and leave behind the want not. My business did not suffer as I promise to but my energy into clients fiends and fans for what they deserve and for what knowledge I am blessed to learn to be passed on.

Living in southern CA for over 8 years I have learned to isolate myself for events a well as show my true colors in the very personable way I am for my passions of health and fitness. I have adopted a very unique training and diet philosophy over the years as I make it my own and adapted to a spiritual mind muscle connection approach. That said...I train a most know with very much attention to detail. So....

This year...I combined my attention to detail with mind muscle along with the support of one of the best nutritionist in the sport field I believe. I have studied theories and backgrounds of many others take on food for fuel and performance since it has what shaped my life too. I found and continue to find a great fit with one and only Fakhri Mubarak. Over the last year and still today I work with him in overseeing my goals and keeping my motivation for success on high! My energy and success allows me to better focus on all my clients needs as well. I do not adopt a cookie cutter plan attitude by any means and this is a large reason Fakhri and I get a lot so well.

So I look forward to showing everyone a year in review of my journey from light-heavy weights to a revamp in the path to come at it hard core with lazor vision on making "176.25" middleweights which....WE DID get done with style!

A coat to coast drive over 3,000 mile did happen right before the peak of the prep yet was part of the journey! and is still!

Help was provided by a beloved cardio machine AKA Step mill, close fam, friends,my  loyal long term and grateful new sponsors :)


(Taken End July/early August)       TOUCHDOWN EAST COAST WITH THE STARTED FOUNDATION............

To Be Continued

Thank you