I write this months since my lats post with great apology to my fan,friends and sponsors for the lag time on here.

I always intend to keep everyone in the loop to some degree on my happenings and success. Since driving cross country to start business under my roots of CT with nutritional guidance for many as well as a new focus on overall motivational support using diet, I have stayed active in competitive bodybuilding. With the help of a close network or friends,sponsors and my own nutrition consultant overseeing my constant motion forward to our goals I have had an incredible year ending. 

I will update with photos, events as they have happened, sponsors that I would like to thank who are now on board with me and continue to help me achieve my goals and in turn help me inspire thousands of other people.

Stay tuned for a lot of new content please. 

: Diet tips

:Food Secrets

:Event pictures

:photo updates on food preparation and progress