I have been working on my physique practicing what I preach and leading by example. Though we all deal with uncertainties and unknown adventures; it is how we deal with them and the lessons we gain from them which determine so much. Training and cardio have been on the constant while taking the necessary days off or backing down on the intensity by choice to avoid having to take too many days to collect myself. Diet has been on point with rotating foods to determine my best fit for keeping the look I want while growing.Dedication and sacrifice may keep me on point of my visions,but consistency and focus on what I want rather than what I don't want creates my path. So far so great as my path is made. Some say it is the fear of the unknown which stops us in our tracks. I say if we pick away on our path the unknown will become what we worked for and what we focus upon in the end. It is all a journey and the universe will let us have what we want in our goals and mindset once we prove ourselves and show our worth. I have been etching away over the years and have had ups and downs. I have let the downs teach me and allowed the ups to keep me humble and strong.

I have not had much time to post progress pics or rather I did not make the time. I will keep updated on progress over the next months as I also work with a great team of support and further my involvement with fitness and health as a lifestyle. I am also looking into a new sponsors support and into making a video series.

UP and ADAM!

Here are some month to month progress from from October/November 2011: OFF-season work: 190-210lbs

Many thanks to all my fam and friends and support team, especially Fakhri for watching over me to only better myself, my fans,my sponsors and gf.  This only the beginning of the journey!

*I will update progress via video, detailed writing into my training,recipes and informative question and answers.

Thank you,