I have not written in a while regarding my plans,goals and travels. I have been traveling over the past year and am very grateful for the lessons,experiences,people,opportunities and success I have come across. During the last year I spent 6 months in the east coast which I do not plan on letting go of. I get joy out of giving back to my roots and helping many ages reach new goals, health and fitness.

I had the honor of competing in my upbringings (CT) with a client of mine who I have great expectations for (Robert F.) in addition to sharing the stage with many IFBB pro friends who I have watched lead by example since receiving their IFBB pro card. It was at the Europa show that I also had the chance to watch a well known mind in the bodybuilding scene dial his clients in to assure me of who I would work with after over 10 years solo. I had great supporters and sponsors who helped me a great deal with top sport supplements,clothing, and tanning; but the team work with another like minded mentor in nutrition and presentation will be an epic combo!

I am blessed to be given the chance to work this year with two people I look up to for what they represent and practice what they preach. Thank you to IFBB pro Fakhri Mubarak for taking the time to work with me during his busy schedule of hard working clients, family, and being co- owner to his Natural Body store located at 2803 Steinway Street Astoria N.Y 11103 

*Check out his up and coming store link for a gimps into his thinking,clients,show schedules and his top products  month to month!"                                                         (UP and Rocking in a week or so!)

    @ www.ifbbsupplements.com   "keep checking in for the unveiling. Backed by hard work,dedication and experience!" 

IFBB pro Chris Cormier has been another person I have admired for his understanding and teachings for mind muscle connections. Taking time to explain the ability to create detail from detail! Practice make perfect and posing to ones body structure can mean the difference of 10-20lbs in look. (chris cormier you-tube channel)

There are others who help keep my focus on what can be achieved in short and long term. Many people who inspire me today are my own clients and fans. I anticipate many new things this year which I plan on keeping everyone in the loop as much as I can. I am approaching this year with "a day at a time" and have adopted the diligent yet quiet approach. I appreciate all the support,motivation,sponsors who stood by me from the start and look forward to new sponsors who have faith in my ability to reach the mainstream population. Not only to inspire and provide hope of achieving their true potential. Practicing what I preach in good nutrition,sport supplement guidance and straight up hard work shall be my motivation.

All the best to everyone and Happy holidays. Bring in the new year with new goals and  a plan!