My trip to the east has been very eventful. Full of new and long term athletes, patient visits for health updates,business meetings,family,gym training, cooking and lifestyle adjustments. Staying busy with helping others as well as myself keeps me motivated. To work with a long time friend in nutrition  applies that health edge to his fitness goals even after age 50!.. is rewarding for me as well as him. I spend few weeks in CT and then back to contest preps,Venice beach and Gold's gym Venice,sponsors,film projects and more motivation from friends and clients.

Here is a photo of my families dog in CT who keeps me on my toes cooking pounds of turkey and sweet potatoes for her to smell.


So after another week away from CA home I will give some update photos on my progress since July's show I did.

I believe muscle attracts muscle. I am always experimenting with new diets,cardio and training styles for myself and to better my clients.

camera phone at its best and sometimes I don't want to open my eyes to see my progress so i work just as hard! LOL


Thank you for the support and motivation ongoing!