Art Atwood Passing & Funeral Arrangements

written Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 9:42pm from the desk of Steve Salmon.

Sunday, at about 2:30pm Art was walking through the pool area of the condo where he lives when he had a massive heart attack.

 We are not sure if he was going for a swim or just passing through the area, but he was not at a party. He was at the pool area of the condo where he lives.

 Two residents who were at the pool saw him fall in and immediately pulled him out. They were able to revive him and get the paramedics, but it was too late the damage was done and Art passed away at a hospital near by.

 The coronary report showed that Art died of a heart attack . The report also states he unknowingly suffered a minor heart attack about a month ago. As it turns out heart disease does run in his family.

 Arts companies Official Professional Supplements & Results Pro-Tan & Nutrition are survived by long-time friend & business partner Steven Salmon and a great team of employees. The companies will continue to grow and make Art's dreams a reality.


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As of now we know that there will be funeral arrangements made for Art in Wisconsin this coming Weekend (exact details will be shared when known). A vigil will be held in Dallas, TX September 25th for Art's friends, fans, and loved ones to come celebrate Art's life. Again - exact detail will be shared once known. We will be displaying pictures of Art & friends on a projection screen - if you have any photos that you would like us to show during the vigil please email them to:

 Thank you for your support,

 Steven Salmon


All the best to his family ,fans,and friends. May the memories live on and what he would have wished upon for future success within his clients,fans,friends, co-workers and those he inspired become a lasting reality!