Over the past few months I have been involved in a span of documentary pieces with allow even friend of mine into part of me they have not seen or been aware of. I practice what I preach, but this informative and motivational set of videos will also explain where I encounter my drive and reasoning for what I do. It will go beyond average workouts and into the mind of the creator during intense sets and pre workout thoughts. It will go beyond shopping for food and into the details of why and what of nutrition applied to my lifestyle. The long road I have been has shaped who I am today. Always moving forward on my path. I hope each and every one who views my videos and the others involved can be left with something they can either relate too, reflect upon, learn or gain motivation into their own passions.


                                                                         All the best & have a blessed day!


**Intros and in progress creations of some of the crew by the one and only Veronica Nol of some of the crew!!