After a journey of over 8 months of transformation in: mind,body,spirit, and diet;One of my clients Rob F. represented like a true Champion! This proves when my clients listen to me with an open mind and passion to achieve through hard work and sacrifice; the end results are only of success. From competing at a smaller framed 175 bodybuilder, Rob weighed in at a good 212 with room to fill out and dry out as the even approached. I was happy with his progress and know he will only improve. he is no different than I am in being able to always improve upon something from one show to the next. Not only did I encourage Rob to trust me in sharing my past experiences,but I decided to accompany him to the show and bring more motivation to the table for his long prep.


Here is a shot from the show where Rob walk out with two 2nd place heavy weight trophies in open and novice.



The event was a great chance to compete with not only a long time champion competitor "Luis Santiago" of my first shows in the sport back when I was in my teens, but a real honor to compete with Pro friends will World Harris and Jeff long.

Here is a shot Will took time to take with me backstage!




Here are a few shots from the event and I have much more going on in the works so check back soon for updates and new! 


Prejudge prep open light-heavy                                    Finals finish open light-heavy


*Expect 2011 to continue the momentum!

Thank you all for the continued support.. as always