West coast classic 2011 I made another mark in my achievements after taking 8 months off for family,work,clients and a mission.


It was not exactly a planned out show as the preparation was ongoing for months till I reached a specific time in my physique. I am still in progress for my next goals and unfinished business on stage!

Here are a few shots from the show thanks to RXmuscle photography. I was a "light heavyweight fro first time in my life."

I visualized a physique yet no number and ...BAM! light heavy I became. 

Thank you for all the support,thoughts, motivation and following the journey." Visualize and anything is possible"

From the start of bantam..then light weight, then middle and now light heavy I shall keep sculpting and fine tuning with my visions in mind.


I will be BACK!! :)    

-Adam Strachman