As I write this "installment" I reflect upon the many people I have helped over the past few month. Not only competitive athletes looking to take their mind, body and physique to the next level; but also those who made the choice to choose to make improvements to health as a lifestyle. It is often easy to grasp the concept of dedication, sacrifice and routine when in the short term. However, to bring a short term goal into a long term lifestyle takes much more. The ability to be:  "comfortable in the uncomfortable times", share experiences with close friends and family to uncover out who your true friends and supporters are. In the process we strive to better you with health and fitness ongoing. 


After taking time reflect, I choose to focus on others health as well as motivating through fitness. I continued to set an example practicing what I preach as I helped both competitive bodybuilders reach new potentials and set new goals. In addition I continued to work alongside a world renown Dr in an office where many of my patients battle life threatening issues. I will admit that taking more time for myself to help others has enabled me to see the value of rest and recovery when I am still able to stay close to my passions of health. It is now 9 months into my endeavor to help others and enable myself to see the value in consistency in and out of the gym.


I will share a few shots taken where I train in the east coast with a few close friends who are always supportive and as dedicated. Tony,Paul and Robert have proven to be very balancing in my constant travels coast to coast. It shows the value of a few supporters in your fitness and health goals that you can depend upon for encouragement and understanding. No matter what level you are at you are never weakened by asking for motivation,support or for taking a few words of encouragement from experienced friend. It will make you stronger and helps to appreciate why you do what you do for health and fitness and those that you may enlighten yourself on a daily basis just from being you. 


Thank you to everyone who follows my path which is forever winding and moving in the best directions no matter what obstacles set in our way. I have chosen to stay consistent with my lifestyle preparation for myself in order to better the lives of others with new experiences in training and dieting that I have tried first upon myself. Some I will admit are a little odd to many,but..."there is always a method to my madness." 


Thank you,