I have worked with many people in my time. I have always been a great friend of Bob Virgulak. He has always supported me since I first decided to follow my dreams to help others with health and fitness in southern California. Not only did he believe in me back then, he remained a firm believer that I would go on to improve not only my life but the lives of many others no matter where I chose to live. After many productive and successful years in CA, I  have reconnected with Bob for an incredible vision. I look forward to what is in store and encourage all in and outside the area who are interested in a 3-Dimensional program covering everything from heated-stretch to fitness techniques, to health,cooking and wellness tips combined. All driven by passion and results!

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What is said about Adam Strachman.....


Adam Strachman: Nutrition Counseling/Personal Training 


          Adam uncovered his passion for health and fitness while training for his first of many bodybuilding shows at the age of 16. His repertoire of bodybuilding competitions includes Muscle Mania, NABF, USBF, INBF and NPC. After competing for eleven plus years, he is still gaining knowledge towards improving his own life and those around him.

He spent time in Connecticut volunteering for his local hospital’s nutrition center. While there, he worked with dieticians and acquired knowledge on how to accommodate a wide variety of diets. He attended The University of Rhode Island’s Dietetic program where he studied Food Science, Food Management and Nutrition and earned a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Adam’s lifestyle is practicing what he preaches. He views his health as a way to control not only how he feels that day, but the next day and year. He looks forward to helping to educate others on how the right foods and specified planning can change your life.

A fitness model since the age of 18, Adam has built an impressive resume including appearances in Ironman magazine, Exercise for Men Only magazine and numerous photo shoots with fitness photographers. On camera, Adam has been seen on the NBC show “LIFE” and the movie “Fame”. Additionally, he has acted as spokesperson for fitness and nutrition companies and presently boasts sponsorships from numerous companies such as DreamTan.com, GHwheels.com, Purifiedsoul.com, DINAIR, Bigbackgrips.com, Profightsports.com and TheWallsticker.com.

Adam’s mission is helping people of all ages achieve a healthy lifestyle and reach their greatest potentials through providing his “contoured/individualized” health and fitness services, fitness tools and life experiences.


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