For those who have been asking for some shots from the Nationals 2010 in Atlanta here we go!

 It was a long journey since age 16 when I did my first contest as a teen; for this decision. I am thankful for being able too compete/qualify. I would have liked a few changes, but everything has already been put in the plan. I did my work and put in the time x 10! Few know the extent of my preparation while focusing on my friends/clients and those I care for during this process. However, It can be known that I treated every day up to the show as if I had already won, since I would soon achieve what I had visualized/ set out to do a while back.

By focusing on the positive while ignoring to pay attention to any struggle, hours of cardio, food prep, shopping, work, and everyday chores that can not be denied kept me on track. My mind had to welcome pain from time to time. I also had to convince my body that it was not done yet! (many times)

Middle weight class: