Preparation has been steady over the past 6 weeks and it is time for a change in pace. Due to the conditioning and perfection I am looking to achieve it is in my best interest to increase volume, intensity, and focus over the next few weeks. This does not only entail a strict diet and dedication. This will involve sacrifice and the will too be comfortable in being uncomfortable more often.


  •     Cardio is set to 2 sessions of 60-65 min on the step mill.


  •     Diet is placed at an as needed basis for maximizing nutrition to match energy output in the gym.


  •     Training is at an intense yet smart mode o avoid injury yet create an environment for growth, hardness/graininess and maturity.


  •       Visualization is set towards creating details within detail through striations, density and an overall physic while staying within my weight-class as a middleweight.


**Accompanied are a few updated shots in Gold’s gym Venice CA taken by a good and well respected friend Eric DiLauro (Mr. Canada) of “New Generation Training systems.”


  1. Lighting is what it is in the posing room and can enable me to work harder than hat is really apparent in a good way.

  2. The lack of tan enables me to push myself harder and pay more attention to details before a darker color or tan can create a harder, more defined look. Again helping me to stay focused and pushes myself harder than can me seen through a darker complexion.

----------------------------------(NATIONALS 2010 set for October 15th+16th in ATL)--------------------------