I have been training very hard towards the goal of accomplishing a physic which I would like to see as ready to unveil on a national stage. I have been doing shows for over 11 years and have always had the dedication of someone looking to improve every show in some way. I have decided; after many hard gym sessions, cardio sessions, dieting days, sacrifice from friends and family that this is my month to go for what I have dreamed of, a National stage. Faith and destiny are big factors in my life and I am always grateful for the journey. With the encouragement from family, friends and sponsors I will make October the month I step on stage for the nationals in ATL. There have been many events leading to this point as well as a much bigger picture for me afterwards as well. I look to bring a classic and conditioned physic on the 15th and 16th of October.  Thank you too al of my sponsors and a BIG appreciation too BodybyTFitness for helping too ensure a comfortable and stress free stay for the show. I will try and update on progress as I can.

As of now I have decided to fit in a few double and even 3 a days when able for completion of the style I will bring the ATL! I am still keeping up with clients, food prep and emails as usual because it is a passion which keeps me going strong. To see others success and help people on my journey is worth so much pleasure to me.

"Please don't mind the sun..I sure didn't lol"