Setting goals or committing to a challenge is an opportunity for proving an individuals willpower and dedication. Striving for one of the largest accomplishments we can unveil in a field or sport is what intrigued me to get started in bodybuilding. Over the years I have sacrificed and experimented with diet and training in sight of building a reputation of conditioning, dedication, and an accomplishable healthy looking physic. My main priority has been to surpass my previous condition each show/photo shoot. In the process, I continue too keep interest upon influencing many friends, fans and family. With motivation and as an individual who provides proof for turning what may seem as impossible into a possible.

               In the process of getting ready for my first nationals show I have come to realize that although my conditioning will live up to my motto come show day, I would not be able to provide the overall look I have been striving for since I began my new mission. To confirm what I have set forth requires me to take a back seat to the bodybuilding stage until both myself and my sponsor/mentor are satisfied. It is not a matter of putting in the time for cardio, sticking to the diet, and sacrificing time with friends and family. It is a matter of my team and I being 110% sure/satisfied we have reached our reasons for madness; as some may comment on at the sight of my preparation for achieving the exact look we are stuck upon. I promised too share updates of photos which I am still committed too.  There remain consistent improvements as training and diet become more advanced and intuitive on a day to day basis.




(1)   With the addition of custom formulations I have added quality muscle while reducing subcutaneous fats all over my physic.


(2)    The addition of both extremely high reps (1,000+) and slow-squeeze moderate rep ranges (8-12) I continue too provide both a transparent and denser physic.


 (3)   The addition of 40-60min stair master sessions per day helps etch extra details into my quads, hamstrings and glutes




*Pre-cardio: 2 CCB + 3 Nolvastar w/ Custom Mocha.

Meal # 1: 4 aminosport4500 + 2 CLA w/ chromium + 1,000mg Vit. C

Meal# 2:  4 aminosport4500 + 2 CLA w/ chromium

----4 MegaNOII-----

Meal# 3:  4 aminosport4500 + 2 CLA w/ chromium

Meal# 4:  4 aminosport4500

----4 MegaNOII------

Meal # 5: 4 aminosport4500

*Pre-workout: 1 CCB, Custom mocha, 3 Nolvastar

*post-workout: 2 scoops BCAA powder

Meal # 6: 4 aminosport4500 + 1,000mg Vit.C + 2 acidophilus caps

Before bed = CAL –MAG Plus drink + 3 Nolvastar caps