Over the course of the year I have been blessed in many ways stemming from my passion for bodybuilding competitions. My focus has always been to display a conditioned as well as balanced/symmetrical physic to maintain the beauty within bodybuilding, as well as a more overall package many levels of competitors can appreciate. With this is mind I decided to focus on my first nationals contest in October following a consistent and self satisfying result from my latest shows.       

 My main goal from one show to the next is to make visible improvements through applying what I have learned over the course of each preparation. Learning my own bodies recover, growth, conditioning, dieting, and training capacity/threshold for performance is an on going process. My body is like most others who are always adapting to an environment and in need of a change every now and then in order to maximize results or even to maintain consistency during preparation.

My latest shows the CAL state 2010 & the West Coast Classic proved to me that in just 6 wks time it is possible to transform a good physic into an even greater physic through diet manipulation and style of training. It has also taught me that I was capable of maximizing my own potential while staying within my Middleweight class. I managed to not only increase my size and conditioning, but lower my overall weight!


                             May 23rd CAL STATE 2010                          June 26th West Coast Classic 2010


  My next decision was “where was I to go from this experience?” After receiving feedback and exposure from photo shoots, friends, fans, Ironman magazine and from my Mentor “The Secret Weapon” in bodybuilding, I chose too focus on my first nationals show. This would prove to be not only a journey others can follow, but a journey into learning my own self again as I obtain a look “Beyond shredded” in order to hang with what is expected from a nationals level competitor for success. Thanks to the help of one of my sponsors Pro-fight Sport I have been improving every day.


After 7 wks of preparation I continue to make alterations on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I do so by manipulating my diet, cardio, Pro-Fight Supplement regimen and the addition of customized mocha Cutting drinks.

WARNING **These are no ordinary blend of ingredients for just energy and fat burning. They are created on an individual basis in order to do just as I do for my clients; bring your physic to your maximal potential and beyond! ; While providing your specific wants.

 You can design your own blend of the highest/practically organic raw materials to achieve your specific goals in a pre-workout, fat burner, sport specific, or lean gaining formul by visiting the contact page:


 Suitable for all level: Bikini, Figure, bodybuilders as well as all interested in an advanced supplementation for their specific needs.


 My mentor (The Secret Weapon of Bodybuilding) has created a customized formula for me with the vision of bringing my abilities beyond what was thought to be my max while providing an easier preparation experience for training, diet and work on a daily basis.

 About 6 wks out now…"what’s in my mocha?”

  1. To increase Focus/alertness & mental clarity
  2. To increase physical strength & energy
  3. To increase recovery and reaction time
  4. To increase fat loss while maintaining lean muscle
  5. To increase muscle density, while removing extra lactic acids/toxins which can interfere with growth
  6. Added BCAA and Free-form amino acids w/ a glutamine complex.
  7. To increase euphoria
  8. increase oxygen utilization/output

What MY DIET consists of now:


Complex carbohydrates = Yellow sweet potato, brown rice, butternut squash, Quinoa flakes
Lean protein sources = Organic chicken breast, Natural turkey breast, omega enriched eggs, fresh egg whites
Healthy fats = Omega-3 enriched egg yolks, olive oil, pumpkin oil, flax oil
Fruits = Blueberries, tomatoes
Vegetables = Romaine lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, red and yellow bell peppers


At the moment I am utilizing my sponsors superior quality items on an as needed basis, in order to always have an option/product too keep my momentum going into the show.

 Currently at about 6wks out:

 MegaNOII @ 8/day, Aminosports4500 @ 4-5/meal, CLA w/ chromium @ 6/day, CCB @ 2-4/day


 ---Check back for progress pictures and other updates during my journey O.B.S!!!! ---

                                                      Operation Beyond Shredded!