After a much anticipated few months it has finally been announced and hit the stands!

October 2010 issue of Ironman Magazine

Lonnie Teper's behind-the scenes look at his wild West Coast Classic. Plus, Teper’s Rising Stars.


*Thank you to Lonnie Teper for following up on my showing over the years and choosing me for this honor.

I am grateful for all my friends, fans, and sponsors support over the years.

I have always looked to provide a motivation for others to believe in themselves and make a change at any point  towards health and fitness. I am blessed to be an example for others, and at the least, a face that stands out for others to reach out too in good, and or troubled times.

We have in one time or another depended on one another, and it is an honor to be able to provide my passions for health.

All the best every day!

-Adam Strachman

 B.S Dietetics/Nutrition : Pro-Fight sports Athlete,rep