Yesterday (August 27, 2010) was another action packed day. My day began by sipping on my customized mocha made for: energy, focus, fat burning, and lean muscle. Before I knew it, it was already 2pm! And I already finished a great meeting with a friend, a very focused 75min session of cardio at Gold’s gym Venice, responded to emails, and ran my errands to mail my clients their lean gain/fat burn and recovery packages. Few phone calls and interactions soon after brought my energy back to Motivation/get work done mode with their positive vibrations and goal oriented minds. I always get energy off of helping people as well as hear people’s goals coming to life.

                     Finally having the chance to relax and take in only my 3rd meal of the day which would have been meal 5; I continued to visualize what my next two months would entail for fitness & Health. After taking my Pro-fight sport supplements MegaNO II I hit the gym when the sun started to go down for round two of high intensity shoulders, abs and posing practice. Training was definitely a notch above with the 1,000+ rep training adding a new level of mind confusion, muscle contraction, and overall mental as well as physical exhaustion. With over 400reps for pressing, 400 reps for side delts, 200 reps for front delts and 200 reps for rear delts I wasn’t ready to quit, but I was taxed!


1. What is going through my mind before the workout?

     (a) Focus and preparation to push myself thorough pain, willingness to sweat like hell and the want to become comfortable…in the uncomfortable!


2. What is going through my mine during the workout?

     (a) Visualizing exactly where I am targeting in the muscle, fighting thorough the feelings of uncomfortable burn, sweat, blood sugar instability as muscle glycogen is robbed and thoughts of not giving up till I complete what I set out to do!


3. What is going through my mind upon completion?

     (a) Damn that was intense and I am thankful I dealt with it and kept going, Feeling of a huge pump in my shoulders, already soreness and that muscle growing/recovery setting in, and exhaustion with satisfaction that I but another workout in the books and focus on refuel with my diet & rest.