My Off-season and On-season diets change based on my condition/shows done/intuitions and likeness of foods on a weekly basis maybe. My website tells about myself and I will blog my training and diets as I prepare for shows, shoots, or every day me. My workouts also have a "contoured" approach as I believe in forming the workout with the diet/cardio amounts/condition and physic needs for symmetry. I can definitely share that my workouts are not only physically intense but mentally as well. I am huge into visualizing during training. This makes every workout more effective and individual. Seeing/feeling/thinking of the muscle being activated; the shape of the muscle I am creating/the exact look I am going for; the symmetry, hardness, details. Works great and always feels like every weight is so much heavier and I have gotten instant results.

    So I thank you all for starting to follow what I strive to be not only influential; but interactive, progressive and motivational as well. Let the journey begin!


B.S Dietetics/Nutrition
Pro-Fight Sport Supplements Athelte;Model,Rep