After a good rest from weight training following two big NPC shows in California ;(Cal state & West coast classic) I have prepared myself mentally and physically for a new challenge ahead. Staying true to my practice what I preach I did enjoy the rest, but continued my cardio while added lean muscle. Now I bring the gym to a whole new level with "1,000 rep" style! YES one-thousand reps. Introduced form the family which has always brought me top quality sport supplements, special formulations for my shows and shoots. So far I have learned it is more of a mind confusion and desire to go "beyond shredded"/beyond what you would like to see as...normal and into the realm of the uncomfortable! haha. I will start to track my progress during the journey, while paying attention to the behind the gym scenes of : cooking, diet, Contoured Nutrition business, my take on visualization for training and life as a whole, family and friend interactions as well as hot spots for my shopping needs.